Mission Statement

Workshop Theatre will achieve its vision and goals by creating an experience that is guaranteed to be supportive, progressive and passionate about theatre.


Workshop Theatre values its rich rich history while it moves forward with Excellence, Quality, Passion and Respect.

Vision and Goals

Workshop Theatre is an integral part of Calgary community theatre that is dedicated to excellence, collaboration and passion for the arts.

  • We want to be recognized as a leader in Calgary community theatre.  We will strive for production excellence and always challenge our audience.
  • We want to be accessible to all types of theatre enthusiasts by offering an affordable, entertaining and enriching experience.
  • We want to support passion for community theatre by offering learning opportunities, honouring and respecting volunteers and providing a platform for local talent to succeed.
  • We want to develop and maintain a sense of community by being open, inclusive and collaborative on stage and with our audience.  We want to acknowledge and respect the rich history of community theatre in Calgary.