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Script Writing Course

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Writing Exercises



Over the course of 6 weeks, writers will begin each 3-hour class with a short lesson, writing exercise, and discussion, before moving onto 3 individual workshops. Each of the writers will be guaranteed 2 workshops, with an optional 3rd workshop near the end. The 6-week course will culminate in a presentation of their finished work in front of a live audience who will also provide feedback after the final reading.


The 3 goals are:

1. Learn the structure and basics of scriptwriting

2. Learn how to edit with constructive criticism

3. Learn how to present your finished work

Each attendee must bring a willingness to critique as well as take critiques, a device* to write with to participate in the writing exercises, and an eagerness to learn!

*A laptop, tablet, or a pencil and paper are suitable

- Instructor -

Elliott HS.jpg

Kimberly Elliott holds a BA in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Mount Royal University. She plans on gaining her MFA in Creative Writing soon, with the goal of helping other passionate writers get their stories off the ground. When she isn't writing, acting, or teaching, Kim can be found directing people to the bathroom at the Okotoks Public Library, hiking in Kananaskis with her dog, or eternally feeding (oh, and cuddling!) her three cats.

Kimberly Elliot

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