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Get Involved!

Workshop Theatre needs help from dedicated patrons and Theatre fanatics like you!

We know that everyone has their niche and something wonderfully valuable to contribute to the our community, we want to connect with you and combine our efforts to make Workshop Theatre's 50th Anniversary the best ever. 

Below you will find a list of areas that we need help in this season, please have a look through them and see where you fit best, or where you might like to learn some new skills or try something out! 

If you would like to introduce a new idea to us, or pitch us something isn't listed please feel free to lick on the "Get In Touch" button and email us to talk about it!

From our family to yours, thank you for 50 years of magic, we raise our glasses and wait impatiently in the wings to celebrate another 50 years of Workshop Theatre.


This part of our team needs tech savvy volunteers! If you can rock social media platforms, or know how to design an eye catching poster--then our team needs your assistance and artistry! Send us an email if you're interested in being involved with our social media and marketing team!

Merch and Swag

If you can design and sew, or put together some cool merchandise for us to sell at our shows and use to promote Workshop Theatre, then this is the team for you! If you have any ideas of where we can go to get things made, or would like to step in and volunteer to create a few items for us, please get in touch!

Events Planning

This is where we need someone to help us plan some fun events that will draw people from every walk of life out and get them involved and interested in Theatre! If you have ideas about events we could plan to generate interest in the community or otherwise, get in touch with us!


Much like our Events Planning team, we need a fun and committed group of people that can help us plan and put on events to help Workshop raise funds so that we can keep putting on amazing future seasons for you! If you have a good head for planning and an outgoing personality or just enjoy putting together fun and interesting events, please get in touch with us! \

Archive to Digital

Currently seeking a tech savvy genius to help us gather old photos, programs, posters etc and turn them into digital images that we can use online and on social media for the 50th! If you are the genius we seek, please get in touch!

Sponsors and Grant Applications

If you have ideas on where we should look to get Sponsorships please let us know! OR if you are good at writing and putting together applications for grants (I know....everyone's favourite task) we need you!

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