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Upcoming Auditions

Sorry - Fully booked

Performance dates: May 10th to 18th 2024

Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons


George and Charlotte Hay, a husband-and-wife team of actors, struggle to perform Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives in repertory while dealing with family crises and the possibility of a Hollywood director's visit. 

Dates and Time

Audition Date and Times

Sorry - all audition slots now booked

February 26th 2024

February 28th


All slots full

All slots full

Location: Workshop Theatre's Rehearsal Space

Bay H - 1003 55th Ave NE

Pre-registration is required.

Auditions are booked in 10 minute individual slots and consist of cold-reads from the script.

Callback date is TBD based on need

You will be redirected to our Programs & Auditions Booking page


George Hay

50-60ish. Very committed Actor. Used to be a big star on Broadway in the 1930s, now reduced to running a touring repertory company currently presenting “Cyrano de Bergerac” and “Private Lives”. This is quite a major physical role, onstage for most of the show.

Please note: This character has scenes of intimacy in the show


Old enough to be Charlotte’s mother (which she is). She doesn’t like George, thinks her daughter married beneath her. She also used to be on the stage but is now the costume department. Ethel is vey acerbic and deaf.

Charlotte Hay

About the same age as George, was also a major Broadway star pre-war, now taking the lead roles in the company’s present productions. Major role

Please note: This character has scenes of intimacy in the show


George and Charlottes daughter, mid 20s to 30s. She has left the acting world to work in advertising as she can no longer handle the ongoing madness. She is mostly sensible and competent, a voice of reason.  Used to be in love with Paul.

Please note: This character has scenes of intimacy in the show


30s. He is a TV weatherman, engaged to Rosalind. Totally in awe of the Hays because of their past fame. He is awkward and like a fish out of water in their company.

Please note: This character has scenes of intimacy in the show


Late teens, early 20s. She is the ingénue in the company. This is a smaller role, but vital to the plot. Spends most of the play in tears.


late 20s, early 30s. He is the second male lead in the company and mostly manages the company. He is in love with Rosalind.

Please note: This character has scenes of intimacy in the show


50-60. Quite lovable but conservative. He is the Hay’s lawyer who has been in love with Charlotte for years. Wealthy and very well dressed.

Workshop Theatre encourages individuals of all ethnicities, gender identities, and experience to audition!

Character Descriptions
Crew Positions


We are always looking for new crew members!

Stage Managers, Lighting Designers, Sound Designers, Set Design/Construction 

(previous experience preferred for the positions listed above)

Props Assistants, Running Crew, Assistant Stage Managers, Wardrobe Assistants, Ushers, etc.

(Little to no experience required for the positions listed above)

If any of the above positions are of interest to you, please send us an email

on how to get involved with this or any of our other productions

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