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Black Sky


Auditions for our Spring Kids Cushion Cabaret production

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Written by Anne Hodgson

Directed by Anne Hodgson and Jacqueline Strilchuk

A fun filled story of magic! A young boy decides he needs to find a job to help his poor mother.

He meets a few people along the way and finally comes to a rather strange looking castle

inhabited by a sorcerer, his mischievous talking cat, and a dove. The sorcerer hires him to clean

up the castle…and change the kitty litter. Alex, the boy, discovers that he is working for a

sorcerer. His dream has always been to become a magician himself! With the help of the dove,

he secretly unlocks the sorcerer’s magic spell book and begins to study. Alex soon discovers he

is working for a very grumpy sorcerer. Because he is always having nightmares and can never

sleep, he has become an evil sorcerer. He plans to create a magic potion to take over the

kingdom, but of course, Alex saves the day, and, as well, helps the sorcerer with his problem!

Dates and Time


March 24th and 26th 2023

March 24th: 7:30pm

March 26th: 2:00pm

Auditions will consist of group format old-reads from the script. As well, please prepare a song to audition with. Song auditions will take place individually


Pre-Registration is required


Some roles may be combined to be portrayed by one actor or actress. This will be determined during the casting process.

The Magician

A modern day magician who opens the show with some magic tricks to hook in the audience. They then becomes the narrator. Male or female age 25+


A young boy (or girl) aged 12-15 years old. The sorcerer's apprentice (could be an older actor who can play young).


The evil sorcerer and the bother to the King. He is plagued with nightmares. Aged 30+ (preferably older)


The sorcerer's snarky talking pet cat. Any age (14+), male or female. Actors interested in audition for this role may be asked to do some improvised movement

The Dove

Kept as a pet by the sorcerer. She is actually the kings long lost daughter, Princess Adrianna. Aged 16-30.

The following roles will be played by two actors

Farmer, Donut Seller, Young Minister, Old Minister, Brooms

Character Descriptions
Additional Information


Auditions consist of a cold-read from the script. As well, please prepare a short song to perform.

You will be emailed with your confirmed date and time if available.

Actors interested in audition for the role of Faustus may be asked to do some improvised movements


Wednesday & Friday Evenings 7:30pm - 9pm

Sundays 2pm - 4:30pm

*Rehearsals are subject to change.

Performance Dates

May 27th & 28th, June 3rd & 4th, June 10th and 11th 2023

Performances are during the day, typically with one show each day.

Exact times and venues TBD

*Mandatory for all cast/crew members to be available for all tech rehearsals and performances

*Rehearsals will be held at the Workshop Theatre space.

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