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Work behind the scenes with us!

Stage Managers

For every successful show run, there is always an amazing Stage Manager behind the scenes making it the best it can be! Each show we put on is only as good a the Stage Manager running it! This is a very important role, and we are always looking to bring dedicated people on board to help us oil this machine!

If you are interested in this position for one of our upcoming shows, please get in touch with us! We would love to chat with you!

Assistant Stage Managers (ASM)

If running the show seems to daunting of a task to you, then try your hand one of our ASM positions! Assistant to the SM (Stage Manager) this position is also vital to a show running smoothly, work backstage with the actors and help keep track of notes in rehearsal.

If you are interested in this position, please get in touch and we will find the perfect place for you!

General Crew Positions

Lighting, Sound, Set Building, Set up or Tear down, and more...we need it all! Whatever is in your wheel house, we need it in ours! If you have an interest in joining our crew in any of these positions we would love to connect with you, you know that shows can't possibly run without someone to help in each and everyone of these areas!


If you are simply interested in volunteering for one of our shows as an Usher or wherever Workshop might need an extra set of hands, please let us know! We can always use more dedicated volunteers to join our family!