Performed April 8th - 16th, 2022 (Closing on Easter Saturday)

Tentative rehearsals to be held Tuesday/Thursday evenings & Saturdays


Written by Caryl Churchill

Directed By Breezy Manning

"I'm walking down the street and there's a door in the fence open and inside there are three women I've seen before."


Three old friends and a neighbor. A summer of afternoons in the back yard. Tea and catastrophe. Caryl Churchill's convention-defying play juxtaposes backyard tea with environmental disaster, exploring themes of politics, crisis, communication and female endurance.

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Wednesday January 12th, 2022

Thursday January 13th, 2022

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Auditions held with individually with scheduled time slots. Limit spots are available for each day.

Please prepare 2 short monologues - 1 drama and 1 alternative.

Located at our rehearsal space

Bay H 1003 55th Ave NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6W1


SALLY (50-70 yrs)

An affable former health attendant, is terrified of cats

VI (50-70 yrs)

A cranky former hairdresser, served six years for killing her husband

LENA (50-70 yrs)

The optimist in the group, is an agoraphobe who can’t even get herself to Tesco

MRS. JARRETT (50-70 yrs)

Narrates a contradictory and often absurd—but all-too-plausible—set of apocalypses in the past tense

Seeking Actresses 40-70 yrs

All four women are over 70 and have long working and family lives behind them. 

Mrs. Jarrett, narrates a contradictory and often absurd—but all-too-plausible—set of apocalypses in the past tense.


Meanwhile, we get to know the other women. Sally is eager, a retired NHS worker, Lena is somewhat shy and used to be an office worker. Vi, a retired hairdresser, is more working-class than the other two women, but she is cheerful and outgoing and easily fits in.


Sally reveals a profound fear of cats—so profound that it veers beyond phobia into obsessive-compulsive disorder: all night she checks and rechecks the lock on her front door in case a cat has gotten in. Vi reveals that many years earlier she killed her husband, perhaps in self-defense (she is unclear on that point even now). After six years in prison, she found herself estranged from her son. She worries that she exposed him to too much blood. Lena is extremely agoraphobic: a single thought can pin her to the spot for hours. She can’t make it to the grocery shop, but she longs to visit Japan.


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