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2023/24 Season


Written by Steven Dietz
Directed by AJ Pearce

October 27th - November 4th 2023

The Pumphouse Theatre

Victor Mitchell Theatre


This new adaptation restores the suspense and seduction of Bram Stoker’s classic novel to the stage. As Count Dracula begins to exert his will upon the residents of London, they try to piece together the clues of his appearances—in a valiant attempt to save themselves from a hideous fate. Rich with both humor and horror, this play paints a wickedly theatrical picture of Stoker’s famous vampire.

Dracula Poster.png

Agatha Christie's 
The Rule of Thumb

Written by Agatha Christie
Directed by Hamish Crawford

February 23rd - March 2nd 2024

The Pumphouse Theatre

Joyce Doolittle Theatre


This triple bill of one act murder mysteries combines: The Wasps Nest which sees Hercule Poirot come between a bitter triangle to prevent a sinister murder before it takes place; The Rats, a dark and chilling tale in which a pair find themselves lured to a flat, trapped like rats and framed for murder; and finally, The Patient, a tense thriller in which a woman has been hospitalised after seeminly falling from her balcony. 

A triple bill of one-act murder mysteries 

Rule of Thumb.png

Ken Ludwig's
Moon over Buffalo

Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Jeremy MacKenzie

MAY 10th - 18th 2024

Pumphouse Theatre

Victor Mitchell Theatre



George and Charlotte Hay, a husband-and-wife team of actors, struggle to perform Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives in repertory while dealing with family crises and the possibility of a Hollywood director's visit.


Stay tuned for more information on our 2023/24 Kids Cushion Cabaret productions!

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